Traditional Wood Designer Series Wall Mount Ballet Barre System

Traditional Wood Designer Series Wall Mount Ballet Barre System

DW48 - DW96

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Barre System Length
4' Barre System [$139.95 each]
5' Barre System [$152.95 each]
6' Barre System [$167.95 each]
7' Barre System [$199.95 each]
8' Barre System [$219.95 each]
Bracket Color
Polished Brass
Metallic Silver
Bronze Leatherette
Matte Black


  • Wall mounted for ultimate stability
  • Perfect for home use
  • Systems include all components and hardware that is needed for installation
  • The number of brackets provided for each in stock system is configured at 4' on center spacing
  • Brackets can be placed anywhere along the barre length
  • Natural Hardwood Ash barres are available in standard 1.5" diameter
  • Brackets are available in four finishes to match any decor
  • The distance from the wall to the center of the barre is approximately 6"
  • Black end caps are optional and can be removed if desired

Perfect for home use.

Designed to compliment any decor.

Offered in kits in select lengths from 4' to 8'.

Consists of two components: BWFT Hardwood Ash barre material and the Designer Series Bracket. Each barre end is finished with an optional black end-cap

Standard 1.5" diameter sanded smooth, ready to use natural hardwood Ash barres. Please see FAQ for additional wood care information.

Mounting brackets are available in four beautiful finishes: Polished Brass, Metallic Silver, Bronze Leatherette and Matte Black

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