42" Tennis Singles Stick

42" Tennis Singles Stick


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Case Quantity
1 Pair [$16.95 each]
6 Pairs [$89.95 each]
12 Pairs [$154.95 each]
Dove Gray
Satin Black


  • Sold in quantities of 1 pair, 6 pairs, and 12 pairs
  • Powder coated aluminum for all weather use
  • Corrosion resistant, lightweight, and durable
  • Available in 2 colors - Dove Gray or Satin Black
  • "V" notched at the top for a secure fit to the tennis net
  • Accurate 36" line mark on label

Vita Vibe Tennis Singles Sticks are used to provide the proper USTA regulation of 42" tennis net height for singles play on a doubles court. The singles stick features a "V" notched top to allow for a secure fit to the tennis net.

The accurate 36" line mark on the singles stick is used as a measuring device to:

  1. Verify proper 36" strap height at the center of the tennis net
  2. determine the proper placement of the singles sticks on the net - 36" outside the singles court lines

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