Metro Double Wall Mount Ballet Barre Brackets
Metro Double Wall Mount Ballet Barre Brackets

Metro Double Wall Mount Ballet Barre Brackets


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Bracket Color
Warm White
Metallic Silver
Bronze Leatherette
Bracket Collar Diameter

This item is for (one) Wall Bracket ( no barres are included). It is made of heavy gauge 3/16" steel and features a beautiful powder coated finish available in a wide selection of colors.

This bracket will accept a 1.5” or 1.75" diameter barre based on the size you choose above.

Bracket includes mounting hardware needed for installation into wood stud or a wood backer board. Additional screws are provided for use underneath the bracket collar to secure the barre.

Please see tab above for full bracket dimensions. 

Brackets may be placed anywhere along the barre length.

Barre sections may be joined together inside the bracket collar for a continuous length look.

The number of brackets required depends on the length of the barre system. We recommended 4’ bracket spacing.  (When barres meet in a corner take 1’ off each barre dimension so that the barres do not touch in the corner.)

Ballet barres are typically mounted at 42” top of barre height for ballet/dance and 36”-40” for barre fitness

Exclusive 10 Year Limited Warranty.

Proudly made in the USA.

Wall mounted barre brackets should be mounted into the studs of the wall securely. Hardware for mounting into wood studs comes provided with your wall brackets. If you have metal studs or a concrete wall, etc. you will need to purchase appropriate hardware from your local hardware or home improvement store.

For this type of installation, we strongly recommend the use of a backer board which is securely attached to the wall or to every stud. Then the wall brackets may be mounted to the backer board at the desired spacing.  Careful - do not mount the backer board at the height you want the barre to be. Some of our brackets must be mounted lower than the barre height to compensate for their significant "up-swing". Please take notice of this based on the bracket you purchase. Never mount a barre into just the drywall as it can easily pull out.

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