Professional Aluminum Barre Material

Professional Aluminum Barre Material

  • This custom product requires approximately 2 weeks to manufacture. Visit Our Parent Site if you need something quicker.

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3FT Barre (36" actual)
4FT Barre (47.5" actual)
4.5FT Barre (54" actual)
5FT Barre (59.5" actual)
6FT Barre (71.5" actual)
7FT barres (83.5" actual)
8FT Barre (95.5" actual)
Barre Diameter

This item is for (one) section of Barre Material (no brackets or stanchions are included). Please select quantity when ordering before adding to cart.

Our Professional Aluminum Barre Material is the quality barre material you have been looking for. Our Powder Coating has a natural anti microbial characteristic. It is also easily cleaned. 

When choosing your brackets, be sure to select the correct ones that will accept this same barre diameter.

We offer the barre material in 1.5" and 1.75" diameters. 

Barre sections may be joined together inside bracket or stanchion collars for a continuous length look. We recommended 4’ bracket/stanchion spacing

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